The Land of Milk and Honey
Natural Handmade Soaps, Balms and Scrubs
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Below are some pictures showing some of our products. We take pride in the fact that we formulate all of our own recipes, all from natural ingrediants and from the herbs , beeswax , honey and milk from our own bees and goats . We also get some of the oils from our neighbors whom press their own specialty oils themselves..we try to keep it local and stay local!..

We know that you will enjoy our products as much we do...please welcome them into your home and families..and bring a little of our farm to yours:)

we have made gift bags and special wrapped soaps for shops, and individuals, if you are interested in that, please contact us ....thank you!
All of our soaps are made in small batches and handcut...I allow them to cure for three weeks before banding them,labeling them..then finally sealing them.As you can see above,most of our soap bands are handpainted,by me, then cut to fit the soaps..we are using recycled paper.I do not use any colors or detergents,we want to leave them as natural as possible..and pleasant to your skin and senses.The balms are made with our own beeswax,butters and rich oils,these are very concentrate and very good for thirsty skin, I use no water ,therefore,no need for any harsh additives or chemicals...really good for the skin. the scrubs are made the same way....all of the recipes I use for the soaps,balms and scrubs..I have formulated melt and pour here!
        I have made personalized batches,sold to companies in larger quantities wholesale, made party favors,,so please feel free to contact us for arrangements!
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