The Land of Milk and Honey
Natural Handmade Soaps, Balms and Scrubs
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We live on a small farm in Fallbrook (DeLuz) California and we raise honeybees & milk-goats. From the honey, milk and wax and we make Soaps, Hand-balms, Scrubs and Lip Balms.

We raise many of the herbal ingredients; including lavender, several types of sages, mints, lemon verbena, citrus, eucalyptus, and many more. Some of these are gardened on our property and others are harvested from wild growing plants.

Our bees are kept without any chemicals, mite treatments or fungicides.

The soaps are made from scratch using lye, water and vegetable oils. We add natural oils and herbs to create wonderful smelling soaps that contain NO preservatives, detergents or alcohols.

The hand-balm's are produced from our beeswax, shea butter, natural oils and herbs. These are some of our best products and we are very proud of them.

Lip balms are also made from our beeswax and have oils added to them too. These lip balms are 100% natural beeswax and are great for your lips!

Poke around on our site and sign our guest book. We will be adding to and improving the site over time.

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